Snake Bite, HIGH Caffeine Light Roast

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Snake Bite bean or ground light roast 2x caffeine!  A blend of 5 different beans, 2 robusta for caffeine content and 3 arabica for flavor profiles. No artificial flavorings added.

Full Description

Snake Bite Blend is our flagship coffee at Long*Horn Coffee. We blend and the roast 4 different beans (1 Guatamala robusta and 3 arabica beans) for the flavor profile. The roast is very light with almost 3 times the caffeine.  No artificial flavorings added.

8 reviews for Snake Bite, HIGH Caffeine Light Roast

  1. Donna.DFW (verified owner)

    Have always been a take it or leave it coffee drinker, until persuaded to try the Snakebite blend. Now I can’t start my day without it! I drink it black. It’s smooth & delicious, but has that extra kick of caffeine!
    Their shipping is quick, which is an extra plus.

  2. Myron A. Aldan

    Snakebite blend is the best and its smooth. I will buy more soon.

  3. Rod waddell

    Visited our son who was at San Angelo’s for tech training and found this place just outside of town. The owners were very polite and the snakebite was the best. Thanks for the hospitality.

  4. George Kumpe (verified owner)

    Your Snake Bite blend is by far the best coffee I’ve had!! Thanks for brewing it!!

  5. John Mason (verified owner)

    Outstanding coffee

  6. John Mason (verified owner)

    Outstanding coffee and service

  7. Paula Kennemer

    My favorite coffee ever. It is so smooth.

  8. Robert Ludwig

    Good morning coffee

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